The DriverMap™ Targeted Gene Expression Profiling Assay combines highly multiplexed RT-PCR amplification with the depth and precision of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to quantitatively measure gene expression of 1000+ target genes in a single assay. An easy-to-run, one-tube, single-day assay quantifies gene transcript levels directly from total RNA isolated from cells, tissue or blood, or directly from cellular extract (down to a single cell level) using the DirectCell™ Protocol. No mRNA enrichment, or rRNA, mitochondrial, beta-globin depletion, or other processing is required. The single-tube assay provides robust, quantitative, and reproducible measurements of each expressed gene over as much as 5-orders of magnitude differences in expression level.

The development of the DriverMap Assay involved extensive optimization and experimental validation of tens of thousands of primer sets to identify a pool of primers that could be combined in a single multiplex RT-PCR reaction to amplify representative transcript sequences (i.e., conserved transcript regions common to different mRNA isoforms from the same gene) from each of ~19,000 protein-coding genes in the human genome. The amplified sequences are then quantified using NGS on the Illumina platform.

DriverMap Kits provide optimal quantitative expression data within 104 – 105-fold dynamic range from 10-50 ng of total RNA and can be used effectively with as little as 10 pg of RNA. When using less than 1 ng of total RNA, however, measurements for low abundant transcripts may be less reproducible.

For information on the services we can provide, please visit the DriverMap Expression Profiling Service web page.

Please read the entire user manual before proceeding with your experiment.


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Last modified: 10 January 2019

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