The protocols in this section describe how to extract the sequencing read numbers for each gene target from the Illumina FASTQ file, and then normalize these reads across the samples to assess expression levels of the gene targets. Cellecta provides DriverMap Data Alignment Software to demultiplex the Illumina FASTQ file (*.fasta file) and provide the number of reads of each amplicon for each genes. The read numbers, once normalized, correlate directly to the expression level of the gene.

Install DriverMap Data Alignment Software

You should have received a link to download the Data Alignment Program when you received your DriverMap Assay Kit. If you did not, or cannot find email with the link, please contact Cellecta and let us know the lot number of the DriverMap Assay Kit you are using.

  1. Click on the link and copy the Zip file for the DriverMap Alignment Software into a convenient directory of your choice on your computer.
  1. Unzip the DriverMap Alignment Software. The Program and supporting files will appear in the directory.
  1. To run the Program, simply open the executable file .

Note: The DriverMap Data Alignment Software is compatible any 64-bit Windows system running Windows 7 or higher.

Last modified: Nov 27, 2018

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