The protocols in the Lentiviral Construct Packaging, Titering, and Transduction User Manual can be used with nearly all pre-made and custom lentiviral shRNA, sgRNA/Cas9, sgRNA-only, Cas9-only, cDNA, barcode, and reporter constructs available from Cellecta. For specific information on the particular constructs that you have purchased, please review the product information you received by email upon delivery (either by link or attachment):

References and Product Citations for all Cellecta products can be found on the Cellecta website:

Please read the entire user manual before proceeding with your experiment. Also, please note that, when working with pseudoviral particles, you should follow the recommended guidelines for working with Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) materials.

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase of all Cellecta Products is covered by Cellecta’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale as described on Cellecta’s website, and selected Products containing particular technology or having certain features are also subject to restrictions on use as outlined in the Label License section of our website. Please review these Terms and Label License Restrictions before opening and using your Product and, if you are not able to abide by the restriction, contact Cellecta to return the item to Cellecta for a full refund.

Last modified: 2 November 2020

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