Depending on your experiments, it may be useful to characterize specific growth and sensitivity parameters of the cell model you will transduce with your lentiviral constructs. Cell-type specific data, such as cell doubling time, antibiotic efficacy, and sensitivity to Polybrene (Hexadimethrine bromide) will enable you to proceed confidently with your experiments.

Also, if you have not used lentiviral vectors in your target cells before and are interested in maximizing expression of a cDNA—for example the Cas9 gene—we suggest checking which promoters will work best to express the selection and/or marker genes. The efficacy of pol II promoters (such as CMV, UbiC, and EF1) that drive expression of cDNA vary significantly across cell types. Cellecta sells pre-packaged control viruses expressing different marker genes from various promoters that can be used to determine which promoter will work the best in your cells.

Visit the Cellecta Vector Information web page for a list of our most common lentiviral vectors. If interested in using a vector not listed, please contact us at Cellecta’s pre-made constructs and libraries can be re-cloned in almost any of Cellecta’s standard or custom vectors.

Last modified: 10 February 2020

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