Additional Reagents and Apparatus:

Name Recommended Manufacturer Catalog # Description
Paired-End Cluster Generation Kit for HiSeq or NextSeq Instruments Illumina PE-402-4002 NGS of libraries
QIAquick Gel Extraction Kit QIAGEN 28704 DNA extraction from gel
QIAquick PCR Purification Kit QIAGEN 28701 PCR purification
Semi-skirted 96-well PCR plates Eppendorf 951020303 PCR amplification
Clear Adhesive Film for 96-well plates Bio-Rad MSB1001 PCR Plate seal

Required Instrumentation:

The protocols were optimized using the specific instrument specified. Some modifications and optimization to the protocol may be necessary if using different models or instruments from other manufacturers.

Name Manufacturer Model
Sonicator Covaris E-series
96-Well Thermal Cycler (or equivalent) Applied BioSystems Veriti® 96-well
Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Platform Illumina HiSeq®, NextSeq®

Other than the specific reagents and instruments above, the protocol assumes the user has access to standard materials (e.g., polypropylene tubes, pipette tips), equipment (table top centrifuges, pipettes, scales), and common reagents (e.g., TE buffer, ethanol) and buffers used in a typical life science laboratory.

Last modified: Sep 11, 2017

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