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Cellecta’s NGS Prep Kit provides a protocol and reagents for the PCR amplification and NGS sequencing of effector or barcode inserts from genomic DNA isolated from cell populations screened with any of several Cellecta CRISPR sgRNA, dual-sgRNA, shRNA, and barcode libraries, as well as a few similar libraries available from other sources. Sufficient reagents are provided to process 12-48 DNA samples (depending on the amount of DNA/sample) with unique indexing primers to multiplex up to 12 samples run in a single lane. Depending on the specific library used for a screen, several versions of the NGS Prep Kit are available—each containing the appropriate primers for the target library. To multiplex more samples, Supplementary Primer Sets with an additional 12 indexed primers are also available for each Sequencing Kit.

Cat.# Description
LNGS-101 NGS Prep Kit for shRNA Libraries in pRSI12 (DECIPHER)
LNGS-102 NGS Prep Kit for shRNA Libraries in pRSI16/17 (HGW shRNA) (or pRSI16cb/17cb)
LNGS-120 NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in pRSG16/17 (CRISPR KOHGW)
LNGS-130 NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in pRSGT16/17
LNGS-200 NGS Prep Kit for Barcode Libraries in pRSI16/17 (CloneTracker™ 50M)
LNGS-300 NGS Prep Kit for Barcode Libraries in pScribe (CloneTracker XP™)
LNGS-350 NGS Prep Kit for CRISPR-Barcode Libraries in pRSGScribe1cb (CloneTracker XP™ CRISPR)
LNGS-360 NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in pRSGScribe (no clonal barcodes)
LNGS-400 NGS Prep Kit for Dual-sgRNA Libraries in pRSL10 (KADHGW/KIDHGW)
LNGS-900 NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in LentiGuide (GeCKO, Brunello)
LNGS-905 NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in LentiCRISPRv2 (GeCKO, Brunello Kinome)

If you are not sure which kit to use for your library, please contact Cellecta (tech@cellecta.com).

Supplementary Primer Sets

Cat.# Description
LNGS-101-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-101 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-102-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-102 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-120-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-120 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-130-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-130 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-200-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-200 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-300-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-300 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-350-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-350 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-360-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-360 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-400-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-400 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-900-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-900 (12 Additional Index Primers)
LNGS-905-SP Supplementary Primer Set for LNGS-905 (12 Additional Index Primers)

Please read the entire user manual before proceeding with your experiment.

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase of all Cellecta Products is covered by Cellecta’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale as described on Cellecta’s website, and selected Products containing particular technology or having certain features are also subject to restrictions on use as outlined in the Label License section of our website. Please review these Terms and Label License Restrictions before opening and using your Product and, if you are not able to abide by the restriction, contact Cellecta to return the item to Cellecta for a full refund.

Last modified: 17 May 2024

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