If the Troubleshooting section has not helped, please provide answers to the questions below (where applicable) before contacting us.

Library Used:

  1. Which library did you use?
  2. What is the lot number?

Packaging the Library:

  1. What was the lentiviral titer, and what was the total number of TU packaged?
  2. How was the virus concentrated? (if applicable)

Transducing Target Cells:

  1. What MOI did you use to transduce your target cells?
  2. What target cells did you use?
  3. How many replicates did you use? (i.e., duplicate, triplicate, etc.)
  4. Did you use puromycin after transduction, and at what concentration?
  5. For how long did you use puromycin on the cells?

Library Screen:

  1. Could you briefly explain your experiment?
  2. How many infected cells were used?

Sample Preparation & NGS:

  1. Describe the protocol you used to amplify the barcodes.
  2. What NGS system and which Illumina Kit did you use?
  3. How much PCR product was used for NGS?
  4. How many sequences were read per sample?

Email Addresses

Technical Support: tech@cellecta.com
General information: info@cellecta.com

Phone Numbers

Phone: +1 650 938-3910
Toll-free (USA): (877) 938-3910

For the latest technical news and updates, visit Cellecta’s blog at: https://cellecta.com/blogs/news

Last modified: 4 October 2022

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