The following items are provided as part of the PromoterTest™ Promoter Evaluation Kit (Cat.# PROMTEST):

Construct Promoter Volume
Human cytomegalovirus promoter CMV 0.5 ml
Human cytomegalovirus promoter/enhancer E-CMV 0.5 ml
Mouse cytomegalovirus promoter mCMV 0.5 ml
Rous sarcoma virus promoter RSV 0.5 ml
Rous sarcoma virus promoter/human CMV enhancer E-RSV 0.5 ml
Human EF1alpha short promoter EFS 0.5 ml
Human EF1alpha short promoter/human CMV enhancer E-EFS 0.5 ml
Spleen focus forming virus promoter SFFV 0.5 ml

Other than the specific reagents and instruments listed above, cell culture media appropriate for the cell lines of interest is required, and LentiTrans™ Transduction Reagent (Cat.# LTDR1) is recommended for transduction.

Generally, the user is assumed to have access to standard materials (e.g., tissue culture plates, polypropylene tubes, pipette tips), equipment (table top centrifuges, pipettes, scales), and common reagents (e.g., TE buffer, ethanol) and buffers used in a typical life science laboratory.

The PromoterTest Kit should be stored at -80°C until ready for use.

Last modified: 2019/02/12

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