Cellecta’s Human Genome-Wide (hGW) and DECIPHER shRNA Libraries are provided with the following materials:

  • For plasmid library purchase: 200 μg of each plasmid library in the pRSI12-U6-(sh)-HTS4-UbiC-TagRFP-2A-Puro for DECIPHER or in the pRSI16cb-U6-(sh)-HTS6cb-UbiC-TagRFP-2A-Puro for the hGW shRNA Library.
  • For viral library purchase: Aliquots of virus at the ordered amount of transduction units (TU), plus a small amount of packaged library for titering purposes. Exact amount and titer are indicated on the Product Certificate (PC or PAC).

With Cellecta’s custom libraries, usually 500 µg of the plasmid library is provided, and varying amounts of the viral packaged library can be optionally purchased in addition.

You will receive the following resources and documentation with any Cellecta shRNA Library purchase:

  • List of shRNA and barcode sequences
  • NGS QC data of plasmid libraries

Finally, the map, sequence, and shRNA cassette diagrams for Cellecta library vectors can be downloaded from the Cellecta website: https://cellecta.com/pages/cloning-and-expression-vector-information.

Last modified: 2 November 2020

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